What is a woman’s happiness ?

What is a woman’s happiness and from what components it stack up?
How many people in this world – so many opinions. Of course, sometimes we do not have the patience and the opportunity to understand ourselves , much easier to agree with the generally accepted rules that dictate such a grave notion that human happiness is , what should be sought , and which – to avoid . It is considered that the main condition for women’s happiness – the presence of a permanent relationship , marriage and family. It is believed that every woman aspires to motherhood . Of course, this excellent performance , but not for each of the fair sex . Not always having a family gives a woman a feeling of happiness . Moreover, not all women aspire to its creation .
It is no secret that the female intellect nothing inferior to the male , so the circle of outstanding scientists and artists can meet a lot of women , but their number is still inferior to men. This is explained by the natural choice of maternal duties , and not claim to a successful career . In recent years the situation has changed significantly , many women have learned to successfully combine work and family , sometimes focusing their efforts on moving up the career ladder , delaying their personal lives for the future. Of course , each person can make a choice in favor of his career . The main thing is to keep with their own internal sense of self , experiencing moments of happiness and confidence in what you are doing.

Happiness woman – a tricky thing . It consists of a mass components. Many women are only happy in love. Of course, not everyone will be able to meet your ideal , which , in principle, does not exist. But who can stop to take in its ideal man , if he really deserves it , forgive him minor flaws , avoiding constant reproaches and making a happy life together . Happiness – it is harmony in relationships, sharing the beauty of life and affectionate relationship with the elect of his heart.
Also focused happiness in motherhood . With this you can not argue , because nothing can match the power and majesty of motherhood. For the sake of her child a woman capable of any actions it prettier , becoming a mother, with great love and affection giving the child all his forces , aimed at creating a favorable atmosphere for cloudless childhood.
Beauty women – is also power , and those who possess it , – no doubt , happy woman. Taking care of your appearance , the woman gets pleasure and gain self-confidence . Beautiful leather, quality clothing and shoes appropriate hairstyle and makeup , beauty make any more sleeker and more attractive – are the main components of female happiness . Certainly, it is important to watch her figure , not allowing your body to blossom .
Another key to happiness is health. Therefore it is necessary to be attentive to their own state of health and physical condition , to prevent hypothermia , which have very negative consequences for women’s health , only eat a full healthy foods to avoid unrest.
In general , happiness – this is the order in our lives and the lives of our loved ones, when the soul is not creeps voltage and constant doubt. And we all should learn the skill to appreciate what there is in life , and especially ourselves. Due to this we are able to make themselves even for a moment happy and joyful .

Marry a foreigner !

Many of the girls in our country want to marry a foreigner . Often without even realizing why. Maybe our men stopped to appreciate women who are close to them ? ” Russian ” lazy man and a woman knocks on the shoulders of all the problems and worries ? Here is the opinion exists about our men , 60% women and girls. And foreigners ? What are they? What are they so attracted to him our single women ?
Foreigner purposeful, he does not harbor colorful dreams and fantasies , and is a real clearly defined purpose. These men are not used to load a woman with their concerns and personal setbacks. They themselves are very optimistic and cheerful. Due to the high standard of living foreigners worried for their stability. Foreigners even in adulthood look very good , they are physically healthy and life expectancy are more. Each question is why did these men do not get married on their own and prefer Russian women ? The answer is simple – all for a long time , it became clear that the Russian woman is the most beautiful , but also a great hostess. And foreigners are so spoiled that they do not want to take care of yourself , so look better, to be attractive , houses all the responsibilities are shared equally by the two with her husband , and in the fridge can only find one semis. The men of foreign marriage and family is the most important value , just as our women . A woman can be happy , successful marrying a foreigner. The best way to find a suitable husband , will appeal to the dating agency . Agency staff will offer you fill out a form , which subsequently translate into foreign languages ​​on your site. In addition, you will be able to read the questionnaires foreigners who have already registered on this site . Typically, a foreigner is very serious about the issue of marriage, and if he has applied for a site , be sure it is fully prepared to do so.
Most importantly , remember we are all different . Each of us has our own principles and priorities. We are brought up in different traditions . But if two people meet , they share the value of the family , no matter what languages ​​you speak , the main thing that the heart can understand each other.

5 things from the female wardrobe, like a man who


1. The little black dress
Have to be in the locker room a little black dress. Tightly fitting made ​​from a thin, high-quality fabrics . This sexy dress will give any woman , in which she will always look seductively and unusual. Wearing a little black dress, you will be able to conquer almost any man.

2 . Office clothes
Office clothes , that is a nice business suit, blouse and seductive , of course, a skirt. The correct choice of office suit has two functions , highlights the beautiful slender legs and sexy round hips . A woman in a stylish business suit is always confident . And , as we know, confidence and independence attract men.

3 . bright clothes
A little more colorful clothes. After a beautiful bright clothes raises not only your mood , but also the people around you . Do not be afraid to experiment, to buy clothes , even the unusual bright colors. You will become brighter, and will please the eye to their chosen .

4 . jeans
The modern lady in the locker room have to be jeans. Properly fitted jeans beautifully and successfully accentuate your figure . Men do not like pants, but to a well -fitting jeans shape , believe me, they are not indifferent . But remember, the choice of jeans should be treated very seriously , if not strange , but some jeans can ruin even the visually perfect figure .

5 . tunic
Nowadays tunic – it’s all the rage . It is advisable to buy a tunic with a plunging neckline , or a cut on the back . It can be as advantageous to emphasize your figure and hide minor flaws in your figure.

But the most important thing to know any woman , is the fact that men are tempted , do not wear, like the woman herself . The woman in the first place , should always be confident , have good posture , well-groomed hair and skin , it should always be a beautiful manicure and make-up right . And when all this is added a great and stylish clothes , the woman looks amazingly sexy and seductive . And, therefore , attracts the views of others like a man.

What to wear on a first date ?

Whatever was not complete wardrobe girl outfit for a first date causes a lot of problems. It turns out that this is the case and there is nothing to wear . And it is not a capricious woman , and in the psychology of different sexes. Man , going to a meeting with the girl, hardly thinks about the successful combination of jeans , shirts and socks. Moreover, if the relationship is to continue, then in ten years , he is unlikely to remember that you had a stunning dress and fashion sandals . But shrill pink tights or burgundy lipstick cut into the man’s memory thoroughly and are subsequently cause for irony.
And, although adequate for the people important content , not form , her outfit for such a solemn occasion to think through carefully , in detail , trying to , first of all , to myself.
Win-Win is a feminine clothes . She likes all the men , the figure shows the benefits , brings warmth and joy. In listing the specific embodiments may be called skirts, fashion dresses, blouses, simple jeans and t-shirts on a figure without an artsy finish. Such clothing itself has a discreet pressure on the man , makes it easy to make a positive first impression. Following the fashion trends this year , choose dresses in pastel colors. Talia is desirable to emphasize the details of a cut or a narrow belt . Too deep cut superfluous. So, classic style – this is the exact target hit .
If your first meeting is scheduled at the theater or in a restaurant , you can afford an evening dress , but without any frills . This may be a cocktail dress or an evening dress. Neckline – the best of the deep , a minimum of jewelry and makeup, as close to natural. Do not forget to choose the right shoes – shoes or sandals are preferable to heel. Remember that it is impossible to show all at once. It is in order to further an excuse to surprise, do not wear your most chic outfit.
Tips on choosing clothes for a romantic encounter is better to give ” to the contrary .” Cases of poor choices is not much, and if they are excluded, then the rest of you will be a totally positive experience. So, learn all that you can not wear on a first date .
Avoid the image of the girl of easy virtue. It is easy to achieve with a very short tight skirt , high boots , bright make-up of the calling , massive jewelry. Such clothing is permissible only if the first date and one-time sex for you – the equivalent concepts .
The image of a flawless vamp also deters . For a scary touch , it gives the impression of a magazine cover , and not a living person. So , thinking through the ensemble, leave a space of slight negligence , vitality , naturally. For example, a dress and makeup , as in the photo below may only cause fear to break it , and nothing more.
Do not try to hide his true age clothing . First dates are in women over thirty. In this case demonstrate excessive childlike way of vulgar and ugly. Infantilism men in clothes hint at the fact that an adult woman is behaving like a little kid , and it always scares .
In conclusion, we note that a well must be taken not only to the outfit. Note the freshly washed and carefully coiffed hair , flawless manicure and make-up , well, its a good mood!

Some unwritten rules of sex for one night

1. Be honest

Maybe she is ready and at your disposal to provide their private parts, but its ears should not be desecrated lied about the fact that you – suffering lonely billionaire who heads the list of “Forbes” or Chukotka.

2. Take the organizational skills

If the case is moving in leaps and bounds to sex, and the girl never said code phrase: “We’re going to see me,” take care to find suitable-bed should you.

3. Catch her mood

Before you indulge in sinful passion, she might want to have a drink, talk, look through the photo album and learn how to name your mistress. And you, as an honest man, must not rush things and keep her company.

4. Respect her right to change her mind

And do not care that you both have a blanket and with a deflated cowards. No court believe in your hearing loss if you do not accidentally rasslyshish phrase that she wants to stop immediately all.

5. Protect

Even if a new friend produce a certificate that it is sterile and barren, and your eyes will swallow a pack of birth control pills, condoms should be. Not in a purse or pocket, and on you.

6. Be a gentleman

For all the pornographic situations you have no right to wonder how often a girl trades sex with strangers.

7. Not imposed
If you bind casual sex, this does not mean that you can now phoning the girl at night, to talk about their problems and to insist on the continuation of the banquet.

Why leave women, what they lack and how to stop them?

Women, studying numerous instructions, somehow learn to cope with this ubiquitous dashing called “the man of my life.” They master the Kama Sutra and recipes, build and reset, train and develop, go to the victims and put yourself on the family altar – all in order to one day suddenly realize that living with this man do not want to and can not. Because he was tired of them worse than a bitter radish. His eyes would not look at him! And the ears would not have heard!

And he won a long time ago and satisfying rest on our laurels, accustomed to the fact that he look into the mouth, enclose the best pieces and knees forgive the antics of the various orders, all of a sudden, like an ax head, stunning the strange and devastating truth. It goes away! It from him, then, honest, positive, give the home a salary (almost all), non-drinking, smart, not too ghoul, held and highly paid?!

And yet, is it too I bring? From these, it seems, do not leave. Or rather go, but only internally or secretly, apparently preserving and maintaining the familiar illusion “norm”. There just suck unnoticed until the strings, use the full, juggling on the intricacies and weaknesses of its predictability vulnerable nature. And then, when the spent cake is no longer able to serve the power supply, start to cut, plane and forgotten in the corner. Until he realizes that he no longer needed here, in this celebration of life, and does not file somewhere to new horizons of their rosy dreams.

Many women who are at the stage of “active use” of the husband as the source, and not the object deeper into yourself, go to the “Series”, life, work, children, anywhere, just so as not to lose the stability of living space habitat.

Sometimes women go to the “neighbor”, consciously and irrevocably. Then stop them is virtually impossible. Rare dare play on two fronts, it is the exception rather than the rule.

And a huge number of “advanced on the path of self-consciousness” of women goes, both in the pool with his head, “just so.” To anyone, aimlessly. To quickly “out of sight, out of mind.”

“Why did they leave? What do they lack? How to keep them? “- These painful questions like invisible sentries inevitable loneliness overtake accidents excluded men. And forced to indulge in all serious, just to take revenge and tighten deep wounds that causes them a woman by her misguided behavior.

“I am twenty years lived with her! And she suddenly ruined everything. Why “- they cry in horror. As if the age of marriage can be the guarantor of stability.

Reveal to you a few secrets to why this is happening and how to fight it?

The best way to keep – let it go!

Paradoxical as it sounds. But the more you try to bind the other person, the more snares and traps are placed in the dependence of his life, the more likely he will want to break out of this prison. Many men used to dominate in the family, they dictate their will, conditions, rules. They say the last decisive word, dominant or dominated, holding the woman captive physical and psychological dependence, based on superiority, fear, lack of independence, complexes.

Some individuals do not stop psychological pressure, rudeness, despotism to the woman who especially during pregnancy and early motherhood feels insecure and dependent. Sometimes for several years, she became completely dependent on the small of sickly child, she is tied to the house, and during these periods are most vulnerable and requires care and careful attitude. And protection. And wise men, loving and faithful, take on the selfless and noble mission protective rock wall. But not everyone, unfortunately, is not possible to blame his wife for the forced “idleness.” Because it is dependent on him. And therefore, to continue … can cause a long list of his expectations about the “what” it should.

Other men and bursting with pride in the fact that, being the sole breadwinner, they can now afford to shout and tyknut nose like a tax inspector. Wrap the “left” and not to give a report on the funds spent and the time you get home. They are addicted to this role and forget that children grow up, and the woman umneet your eyes. And growing in its self-awareness to a critical level, “the craving for freedom.” She painfully want to escape from the framework in which involuntarily imprisoned her family life. Some women endure this forced captivity of 10, 15, 20 years.

 And then as the coils are broken. And fly to freedom, like butterflies on the fire, and most of them are fired or burned, because that is on the loose, with only mean all plastered with honey. In fact, the charge is already gray loneliness oblique frustrations and unfulfilled hopes. But in a period of gaining long-awaited freedom of woman is not aware of this trap. Children grew up, and suddenly she clearly understands that in itself is worth something, is able to earn money, sound and meaning, regardless of the man, who in the old trying to dictate terms.

That’s where he would let go the reins and to open the cage door, release the tension ropes tangled on her hand and foot. And he, somewhere secretly knowing that it is inherently “grown”, is still trying to act of intimidation or threats, exhortations or sermons. But in vain. The more locks, the ardent desire to destroy them.

When women take for granted – it goes

Many men, and women, to be honest, perceive their spouse as a perpetual free and easy program to their precious lives. As if the other person just for that and there is born to Basil Ivanov, the happiness, and dress the pot soup and cutlets mountain and satisfy his whims and instincts.

When you realize the application itself, food processors, furniture, rubber doll, pillow, water bottle or some other useful object or being the owner, then your only desire in many agonizing nights own revelation becomes the desire to prove that you live. What are you people! Having a value in itself and not just attached to someone or something. That you have a soul, character, desires, aspirations, inner peace, after all, no less rich and multifaceted than the inner world of your master. And you, perhaps, are characterized by some amazing qualities and talents that are not even dreamed of your burst with pride to her husband. And you will want to first prove it to him, and then, when he still did not understand or appreciate it, and all the others. He will not understand why you’re acting so strange and inadequate, because it is certainly not adapted to such feelings as gratitude and appreciation is entirely free of care and compassion, because an extremely busy and their problems and their only ever focuses on all your vital touch.

 Learning to be thankful for these “simple things” like dishes washed or laundered socks, cooking dinner or clean the apartment, in fact, it is the most difficult task in the world. Because men think that all this is so elementary and easily given that they are not even worth a polite “thank you” when they get up from the table. Admit, how often do you perceive the efforts of women for granted rituals of your life together? If often, then why be surprised. She was tired of caring for you …

When a man becomes a “no” – go away

Colorless, empty, worthless, helpless, dull, boring, short, “no” makes men (and women too) lack of aspirations and goals, laziness and bad habits, laziness and stupidity. When the person stops in its development, as in the standing swamp, it bred frogs, leeches and other putrid evil. He is ugly, grumpy, greedy, suspicious. It is involuntarily reflected in all its form. He falls, he pulled away somehow knees of his trousers, there is a third chin and “labor corn in the navel.” Most of the questions he answers: “I do not know,” in all their troubles blames the government and the “neighbors”, he “hooked” on the series, beer, TV, gossip and porn sites. He stops walking and reading books. He thinks that his last year’s pants cause in you a burning sense of belonging, a breath inspired to write poetry.

He is sure that you take all of his “oddity”, “progress”, “troubles” adequately and will be happy to inhale the aroma spread by his socks standing, poorly performing intestines and stomach alcohol poisoning. He did not bother with the efforts on any other occasions, once to meet their own pleasure, comfort and ambition. He has long been hopelessly engaged exclusively in person. And a woman does not become him in this way. She left him alone with his beloved ego and go to the man, who still has wings, and who taught her to fly.

All this is equally true for men who want to keep a woman.

Educational program for men: the types of women that should be avoided

types of women
1. Kollektsionerka

There are many innocent women Hobbies: cross stitch, indoor gardening, cooking, and some ladies prefer to collect the scalps of men. Quality and ownership scalp do not matter. Even moth eaten by mouse colt enough to be her for a herbarium.

Don Juan, at least, to seduce women because they are attracted to it, and this Don Juan in a skirt frame guys just to get the better girlfriends. And if you hung ears, listening as she languidly lists his victories (one hung himself and the other committed suicide, and a third had left the family and went to Krishna), you are a great candidate for the next head over the fireplace.

How to recognize it

Everyone thinks her irresistible woman, however, it is up to 28 years have never been married and did not even have a long relationship. At the first meeting, it will warn you that you did not dare to fall in love with her, she was so tired and annoying fans. Then she will be on the watch for you on every corner and friends complain that you’re stalking her. Say it is capable only of themselves and their “victories.” After two visits you know all about it, and it’s about you – nothing … but your serial number on her list.

Why it does so

It seizes an inferiority complex. The school must have been an excellent student, and career did not go. Now it is driving the world hunger to win. Sex for her – a reason to make sure the irresistibility, the rest – pesky little things. On Earth, for her, there is only one person: herself, all others bipeds – bows, which cling to the lapel of the winner.

If you do, though, got involved

Immediately accept the fact that it is not for long. The half-life of her love – from two weeks to two months. Try to look her enviable booty brag and carefully hide defeat. Flatter her. Constantly admired her talent, her beauty and her abilities. If it is you really expensive – try to leave it for a day before she decides to leave you. She immediately realizes that she needs you, like air, and will do everything to get you back.

2. Liar

There is no limit male naive: it is lying to your face, and you wear it on their hands and coming up with a thousand excuses her actions. “She’s so vulnerable, it’s so special …” – and it just keeps you on the hook, the title of which masochism! “I do not respect her, but I still love you …” – it seems that you deliver a perverse joy to endure the humiliation of it. What is frustrating to hear? Do you think your friends nice to see you under a pipe plyashesh girl who you hang noodles on the ears and it still has a dividend? All of its notorious “mystery” – elementary lack of conscience. “She says she loves me, but she does not want to meet and do not even call. Why did she do that? …” Well, I do not know, must be trained by force of will! ..

How to recognize it

If a girl says that he can not see you, because she wanted to sit with the younger sister, and an hour later you see it near the fountain in the arms of some pimply jerk – you ought to think about it. If she asks you regularly pick up the phone and say that she was not home, maybe the same thing happens when you call you. If she kept suspects you of lying when you are in no way to blame – it seems that it is equal to your own. And if you’re all the same “lucky” zakadrit this treasure, never to look in her purse for a lighter, if you will not come across it a ticket to San Francisco for tomorrow’s number, just at the time when she was going to go to a sick grandmother in Mariupol.

Why it does so

Perhaps parents kept her in great austerity and control every step that caused her to develop the ability to protective mimicry. Perhaps, as a child she dreamed of becoming an international spy, Mata Hari, and lightly played. In any case, you have nothing to do and does not have to endure the consequences of her teenage complexes.

If you do, though, got involved

Not comfort her when she begins to shed crocodile tears, once again, having got caught. She did not invent excuses (“She just weak will, she is so greedy for pleasure, nothing bad will happen because …”).

Not condoning, or facilitate, when it is on your eyes trying to deceive someone else, whether it is at least a survey over the phone. Let’s understand that you rather just open her villainy than innocent deception. Try to close to you, she felt

safe, never ridiculed her naivety or venial weakness. Let her know that you love her for who she is, and its only drawback, which can destroy your relationship, it’s her passion lies.

3. Girl “Easy A”

When approaching the woman you start to feel that testosterone rushing out of your ears. She looks like a teenage dream world, successfully operated the magazine “Playboy”. Associated with it, you are completely bombarded favorite porn sites. Her erotic zone starting right a hundred meters away from the body. In bed she – volcano, tsunami, and the operation “Desert Storm” together.

She is always ready, and you see that all this talk about the fact that women need a long prelude to sex, – empty speculation failures. You finally found the woman next to where you can be who really are: a first-class male! The first time you feel totally happy. Then just as happy feeling your best friend. Then – your dear boss. Then his guard, then the guard’s brother, then the driver, then an electrician, then a policeman, coming unimat your scandals.

How to recognize it

If you can tear her eyes away from his chest and look back on the sides, you’ll see the crowd peasants pyalyaschihsya to her charms, tongue hanging out and based on saliva. Her style of dress provokes an accident. She has no friends, no one job she does not stay longer than three months, and it constantly hovers around taint erotic scandal. She knows all about sex and nothing – about contraception. And if all the previous love experience tells you that to win a woman you need to make great efforts, and now the victory itself falls into your hands, think about what it was: in your strength or its weakness – you know what?

Why it does so

Excess of female hormones plus bad education. Both are correct only the grave.

If you do, though, got involved

Tesh no illusions: you will not be able to satisfy her completely, even if you eat a “Viagra”. Keep your home enough porn – maybe it would distract her a bit and tire. Firmly take over control of her wardrobe and in her free time. Do not show jealousy – is stoking it. Make her do sports – is a great way to lose excess sexual energy. Do not lose sight of her trainer (NB: the floor looks and coach do not matter). Takes care of the means of protection. What if one morning to notice suspicious pimples yourself – quickly run to the doctor!

4. Piranha

This girl, like a picture from a fashion magazine, a glance determine your financial situation with a precision that would envy the tax police. If after ten minutes after they met she was playfully laughing, showing his tongue, and you beckon a waiter to require the most expensive champagne – this means that your financial situation is all right, but the big problem with the brain.

“Open your eyes, it needs only your money!” – Tell you friends, but you do not react, because these are pretty vampires before suck blood is injected into the wound paralyzing saliva that causes the victim to a state of blissful submission. “Well, that – with the stupid arrogance you reply. – But it’s so beautiful!” For which “for”? At a substantial baksheesh that you give it “to pin”? ..

How to recognize it

Unlike the girls “prostitutes” piranha on the street looking back at the men. But she can not take his eyes off their expensive cars. Called her to find out the latest information on the dollar and the gold price. About a stranger she had just know how much he earns, and if this amount is less than a thousand dollars a month, it immediately ceases to exist for her, even if he is handsome Brad Pitt and talented Luc Besson. If you drive it in the most expensive casino, it will make thee to return professional striptease with Thai massage and full Kama Sutra in the finale, and returning from a campaign in the House of Culture, you’ll get a stern proletarian sex and watery tea in the morning.

Why it does so

From an early age she told that the money – that’s all. Perhaps, she is from a low-income, but very ambitious family, or, on the contrary, of the clan of the nouveau riche, who made his fortune in war speculation. Money for it – is a drug, you can never have enough, and in their absence, she begins “breaking.”

If you do, though, got involved

Make no mistake about its motives, do not think that
it to you for your beautiful eyes. Do not let her feel the lack of funds. Remember, she will forgive you everything except greed. God forbid you tell her with envy on the financial success of their friends, it’s like picking a nail in the tank.

She – the latter who need to know about your “temporary difficulties” at work. Sympathy from her you do not get it, but wait until you get out of the financial problems, it will not – collect things and disappear in the blue distance … Car keys then you can not even look, but to come back to the lawyer and to ensure the integrity of their rights to apartment – highly recommend!

5. A complete egoist

In fact, all women – selfish, so the nature of custom. Man must sacrifice himself to protect his wife and offspring, and it should survive, in spite of everything, to extend the race. But if most of them are, at least after the scandal, to see the situation from the point of view of another person, then there are “chrysanthemum”, which in principle are not capable. This woman just can not understand that other people may have interests and desires that do not coincide with her own. The whole world revolves around her Ya

People exist only for its convenience, and only love men – just gratuitous Manpower. Say, why do you crush on this soulless doll? .. Because childhood dream of a princess.

How to recognize it:

She sues the airline for the flight delay, caused by the fact that they tried to ventilate the cabin, where it exploded gas canister. When she is told that in England cars drive on the left side of the street, she said irritably: “No, I’m uncomfortable, I did not used to!” In the cinema it aloud discussing a film, and to the comments of the neighbors said, “Do not make noise, you stop playing!”

When she is told

“Sorry, do not smoke here,” she says, “Nothing, I can alone.” She calls you at night, calls for an immediate visit, you’re broke, rushing to her call for a long time to no avail at the door, then the rest of the night hanging on the phone, trying to get through it and go crazy with worry, and the next morning, she calmly explains you that yesterday, including music, put on headphones and accidentally fell asleep …

Why it does so

She is the only child in a large family? She never had to earn the most money? She has never suffered a major failure or a failure? Well, so what do you want from her? ..

If you do, though, got involved

Get ready, to show that it will complain that you work hard and spend a little time at home. If you try to explain to her that the way to earn money for life, she in tears and you’ll have a long time to ask for forgiveness. Mended it for weeks on end – it makes sense to rent a cheap apartment to run off at the time of the house.

Care of your health, it will express the phrase: “Stop coughing, you will not let me sleep.” And an anecdote about how his wife goes to her husband in a mink coat and says, “Look, my dear, what I bought you a gift,” – it’s about her. Do not try to appeal to her conscience, do not read her notation, do not try to awaken in her sympathy – she just gets angry and stops access to the body. Its moral blindness is incurable. Understand this, and it went to hell. Fear not, your princess will not get lost, find a slave to any vocation.

How to keep love in marriage

love in marriage
Who knows how to go bitch
of pretty brides?

Forgive me, dear woman, but this article was written for men. Although …

Fall in love, they say, is simple enough. Marry too. And here is how to keep the love after marriage … That’s it, and tricky and difficult. And … a good thing in general not be called marriage.

But the thing is rewarding, if you find an approach to his wife, your life will not only be happy, but a long one. On average, 12% compared to the unmarried! 8 years of life just like that! Or is not that easy?

In 13 years of living with my wife, I have never regretted getting married! Never! While no one believes me. “There is no way” – they say.
It happens!

But do try. Here is a collection of simple rules’ treatment of his wife in order to achieve results. ” One that you want.
So …

1. Always listen to your wife. Do not interrupt! Do not try to advise. She needs no advice, and the opportunity to speak out! Start talking themselves only when it silent.

2. Be especially sensitive at least one year after the wedding. Try to behave as if the wedding is yet to come. After a year of this life will go out of habit!

3. Gift flowers! For any reason and for no reason, just because!

4. Kiss his wife before going to work. This does not require any material costs, but will bring huge dividends. If the wife is a good girl, kiss her again after work.

5. Praise her. Compliment! The nature of women is like clay. The warmer the word – the faster it melts! If, according to you, nothing to praise, praise just like that, for the future.

6. If your wife is not ideal – remember that there is no ideal wives! Each – its own set of quirks and whims. And each – its own set of charms and charm! Much cheaper to learn than divorce! Another could be a lot worse, bitchy and cranky! Even if at first she was acting like an angel.

7. Do not be boring. Most of your advice and criticism only go in harm! Good wife she knows what to do and how.

8. Always apologize if his wife for something to hurt you. Even if you believe that you are right 100%.

9. Take at least some homework. If you do not want, even earn money for a good home appliances. Transforming wife in housekeeper, you lay a pig himself!

10. Be creative. The more diverse the compliments and gifts, the stronger family bonds. After all, a good wife will answer you the same!

11. Let her wear whatever she wants, for a woman to wear – self-expression, both for men – machine. This also applies to cosmetics, hair and other women’s “tricks.”

12. Never hold the jokes about her figure, hair, appearance, etc. – And then regret it! Well, women do not understand humor!

13. Female logic is not! Or otherwise. In women, there is no logic. A woman does not live by reason and the senses! She needed to participate, compassion, etc. poddakivanie

And – most importantly!
No one dares to set your rules by which to live! Neither the parents nor relatives …
No one!
No rules!
Except those for which you yourself have agreed to live.

9 worst ways to break off relations

9 worst ways to break off relations
Just start a relationship, and complete existing ones – is extremely difficult. Tell the truth in his eyes hard, and that’s going to turn violent ways divide.

1. Long lasting. This method of separation is preferred by those who for a long time (weeks to months) is afraid or does not dare to say the second half, that’s all over between them. This – the most unpleasant way to part of all: it is not a step closer to a break, bringing with partners suffering.

2. Sudden. The exact opposite of “long” way. One of the partners feel that relations were never as beautiful as it is now, and at that moment the other partner suddenly announces break.

In fact, “sudden” break will only be for the one who cast: initiator of separation all have been carefully thought out. Such a relationship is very painful end: of absolute happiness he who cast gets into an absolute mountain, not knowing what was the cause of the break – it all went so well! ..

3. Quiet. There is nothing more painful than a complete unknown, and it was her doom their “former” supporters of this method to put the past love. No letter, no phone call or sms – abandoned the party did not wait, that might explain the cause of the break.

Some go even further: they change their phone numbers, do not respond to the letter, even leaving the district. This method is the easiest to end the relationship for the initiator, because he did not have to explain anything, but the most painful for the thrown. People whose relationship ended in this way, tend to experience severe psychological trauma.

4. Electronic. Wants to leave quickly, explain the reason for the gap seems too need, but gunpowder call or meet with the “former” or “ex” and talk face-to-face is not enough. What’s left? Only the achievements of civilization in the form of the Internet and mobile phones.

Send a message to ICQ, send an e-mail, sms quit, saying: “Sorry, we have to go”, “I love you”, “Let’s Be Friends” psychologically easier than deciding on straight talk. Besides, virtuality provides another advantage – the ability to hide the real reasons for the gap. Such a method – a terrible blow to the ego of the one drop, for he was not worthy of simple words, spoken voice.

5. Social network. This method also has a direct relationship to the Internet, but the main difference between it and “asechnyh” messages and e-mails that will be notified of breaking all that are in the friend-feed, added to the “friends” and other “community”, making personal tragedy public.

Under the blog entry, it was reported that the author is now as free as the wind, can subscribe as sympathetic and incisive commentators, and even what is the one who finds out that he was thrown by opening his own friend-tape to keep quiet: to heartache mixed with shame, a sense of public flogging and publicly vystiryvaniya laundry.

The user’s profile on Facebook and its Russian counterpart Vkontakte and there is a line at all, “marital status”, which can be added as desired social status (married / married, have a friend / girlfriend), and specify the name or nickname partner. If desired, this status can be changed to something like “I am in active search,” and former partner (and his “friends” on the site) will be notified immediately by the administrator: “your social status has changed.”

6. “Avtootvetny.” Call and leave a message on the answering machine to part – it’s probably even worse than the “electronic” method. The initiator of the gap seems to be and soothes your conscience, communicating voice, on the other hand – does not give a person the opportunity thrown to ask questions and hear the answers.

7. Parent. Mom, of course, always want the good for their children, but many go so far as to wish to bestow his child, which are beginning to interfere with his personal life. Frankly between parent and child is that the grown child begins to actively complain about the half, wise mother will not be difficult to make a clear conclusion: the gap is around the corner, it is necessary to speed it up – for the benefit of my child, of course.

And then you can expect anything from the stories of the many former lovers of his child for nice “pochtisemeynym” dinner, spoken with a smile, to the alleged “parent” revelations – they say, baby, you’re no match for him, well, he was so stiff, I freak, what can you do. In any case, the one so try to quit will experience a minimum of annoyance that his personal life seems to have a very detailed discussion on the family council.

8. Friendly. By analogy with their parents, relations can “gracefully” intervene friends. If the initiator of the gap can not decide on it then the greatest villainy, which he only can go – this is part of the former love with a close friend. However, the participation of another in such a delicate matter does not mean that the separation will become friendly (in the sense of preserving friendly relations with the former, or the former).

9. Festive. People tend for some reason to give too much importance to the holidays, dates, events. And not to “spoil the party”, the message is a breakup, they are holding back – until the moment when the happy hero of the occasion by getting all your gifts, greetings and good mood sea, conducts visitors and left alone with those who still naively continues to consider his half. Pain of the loss will be even stronger – amid recent joy

Games that women play

Games that women play
Typically, the goal of any game – manipulation, trying to make partner convenient to operate it.

For the most part she is not aware of either the existence of the game, or his manipulative role. However, if you play too much can ruin relationships, if not destroyed.

GAME “You do not love me”

This is a favorite game of many women. After all, they mostly know how to love them, to love properly. And so, as he likes – it’s wrong. It is not love. And he has repeatedly explained that love – is when:

I told you more than your friends (your mother, your children from the first marriage)
you do not ask what I’ll spend the money
you go to my party
you say in my ear sweet words
you give me flowers on occasion, and for no reason …

Perhaps every woman there is a lot of evidence that he does not love her. Of course, he says it is, but you know, it’s best! In this game you behave so that he can not please you. And while he is not pleased, let them live with the guilt. Because then you have a free hand! You can manipulate the offense, be capricious girl, injured innocence, unhappy and irritated.

He or let proves that love (which you are not really interested), or let them live with the knowledge of the fact that he is an insensitive beam not capable of true feeling. Even when it is close to perfection as you.

GAME “I like you – I told you”

The game is played by all women. Well, almost all. The gist of it is that the relationship with the partner – a kind of bargaining, built on the principles of:

“Do it … then we’ll be fine”
“I agree … but only if you will …”
“If you do not … then you’ll never get away from me …”

This game is easy to get involved – only a couple of successful attempts, and you know it, your relationship will become a bargaining deal. But everyone wants to trade for more than invested. Partner is considered as a person who is always something you have to make you well. He should be careful, honest, sensitive, share your interests, etc. – He is your debtor.

And their attitude to it you are building, building on how it meets your “must.” But a successful relationship – it’s almost always “on, take it,” and not “give”.

GAME “Mother Teresa”

This game is like women are kind and selfless. What are its rules? First, Mother Teresa saw in your partner a person who is always in need of her help and support (in fact, this is not always the case.) Second, Mother Teresa is a firm believer in the fact that her love will save the poor.

Who needs to Mother Teresa that she fully realize his sacrificial heart? She is perfect alcoholic, tormented failure, debt, employment, hapless and helpless man. He also needs a woman, whose support will help him to crawl from one abyss to another. In the life of a strong partner of her heroism, and therefore her own, no place.

The plot of the play is tragic and sublime. And no one here is interested in a happy ending. The unfortunate man should not get out of his pit. And why, if there’s always taken care of?

However, in life there are all kinds of things, even miracles. Even a perfect sufferer may suddenly become a “normal guy.” Well, why would he now this good ad nauseam “friend of his days harsh?” Unfortunately, the concert was over. That was based on what your relationship is now meaningless. Next is your game will be called “Madam Broshkina.” But that’s another story …

GAME “Wife Goat”

What you need for this game? Just to have a husband (partner). Suppose that you have it already. This man is not good and not bad. You have chosen it. In this game your task – to create a vision of it, according to which it will be a goat. Here it is all up to you. Look for him something goat. For example, he goat, because the money is not earning. Or unfeeling. Or is he a complete pig at home. Or is he a womanizer. In general, the digging.

Since then everything falls into place, life is filled with simple yet breathtaking sense. The main thing – to support this new image. Often criticize him in front of the children. Let them know whom their mother was married, and to whom they are now similar. Complain to others, friends. Let all your talk about it will be to retelling the suffering that brings you the man.

Be careful what good, caring husbands from your friends, and how they were lucky. Goat’s wife can be found in the words of a person by the lack of femininity, to talk, to sigh, on complaints. The essence of the game is simple: the “goats” he more noble you. You just do not deserve it. You honor and praise!


As I be governed?

It is important to understand how you manipulate your partner. If you want to build an honest and open relationship, you can make a strong and wise move: to reveal to him his cards. It may look like this:
Dear, I want to share with you. You know, I found that, it turns out, I sometimes manipulate our relationship in that:
I am more than you earn
I’m younger than you, and men like me
I do a lot of housework
I’m sick children
you ever made a mistake, etc.
I use this as leverage to pressure you to …
I’m doing this because I’m afraid that you …
How to turn around on your conversation and what you have to – to you.

Takes off the mask!

If you find that you are playing some of the roles that we have described (or another, a lot of them), you have two options:
Leave everything as it is and continue to play, but with the knowledge of the case, owning the situation and themselves. So it’s best to do if you’re happy with your relationship with your partner.
Stop playing if this game destroys your relationship and leads to mutual dissatisfaction.